Insurance Programs

VASA Fitness works with several healthcare providers to get you the best value on your gym membership!

See below for a list of our accepted insurance plans to find out if you may be eligible:

United Healthcare 

  • Renew Active
    Example of Renew Active confirmation code: S54336430

Optum Fitness

  • One Pass
    Examples of Optum Health confirmation code: A74920500, B48392256
  • Aaptiv
    Examples of Aaptiv confirmation code: P000000003, G000000003 




Tivity Health

  • Silver Sneakers/Prime
    Example of 16 digit Tivity Health ID: 2300-4510-4431-0035

FITON Health

    Example of FITON Health ID: PF3X6H7JK4

American Specialty Health

  • Silver N Fit/Active N Fit
    Example of 8 digit American Specialty Health Fitness ID: 51830499

To sign up for an Insurance Membership, please click here


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take for my membership to be created?

  • Please allow 24-48 business hours to hear back about your membership. We will let you know if we were able to confirm eligibility and create your membership or if we need follow-up information.

What membership level will my insurance membership be?

  • All insurance memberships are on a Fitness level. A list of what is included on a Fitness membership can be found, here. 

Can services be added to insurance memberships?

  • Yes, additional services can be added to Insurance Memberships but the Member would be responsible for the additional monthly fees.

Can I still fill out the form if I don't know my health ID?

  • Yes, we can try to verify eligibility with your personal information if you do not know your health ID.

Do I need to sign up for a new insurance membership if my health ID or insurance type changes?

  • No, if your insurance type changed but you are still eligible, we can update your active insurance membership with your new information.


A Spanish translation of this article can be found in the attached document.

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