Personal Training FAQ

How do I set up an appointment online?

To schedule a Personal Training appointment online, please visit First timer? You'll need to register as a new user before you are able to schedule appointments.

Want to schedule a free Personal Training consultation?

Want to try a free session with one of our awesome certified trainers? Visit our training page to schedule your consultation!

How do I cancel a session?

Need to reschedule? Please contact your trainer directly, or the gym where you train, to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please be sure to let your trainer know at least 24 hours in advance to be sure they can get you set up on another date. 

How do I know if I need a trainer?

If you feel like you need help in the gym, we are here to help. Book a free session with a trainer here.

Can I bring in my own trainer?

Outside vendors including personal trainers are NOT allowed to train inside any VASA Fitness facility. Our own certified Fitness Trainers would be happy to help you with any of your needs. Not only are VASA certified Fitness Trainers experienced and insightful, they’re passionate about your success! 

How can I cancel my Personal Training?

Check out our subscription cancellation terms here.

Can I use my expired sessions?

Were you unable to use your Fitness Training sessions during the designated time-frame? We understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Reach out to our support team and they would be happy to assist you with this matter. 


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