Studio Cycle is a premier fitness experience in a music-fueled atmosphere, scientifically backed to provide individual results. Get a free studio session here.


Find your lane, own your zone, and drive performance. Mix a high-energy instructor, Myzone monitoring, red lights, a powerful soundtrack, and this technical ride is sure to get you the results you’re looking for.


Rock this ride that perfectly pairs the beat with the beat-down! Get lost in the music and the rainbow lights for increased motivation to push harder through those pedal strokes. This is a cycle workout you won’t want to end.


Anything goes in this blue-lit ride with your tribe. Bring your can-do attitude to this workout featuring your favorite cycling instructors for a unique workout experience every time!


Time to get your mind right and fine tune your ride. This no-nonsense performance workout will get you physically and mentally ready for race day. Find your true grit and get down to business. (Coming soon)

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