Studio Red is an exclusive group training experience where you'll sweat more, burn more, and shatter your personal best. Get a free studio session here.


Sweat like never before and get your heart pumping in a workout focused on torching fat. The state-of-the-art Myzone heart-rate monitoring system helps you track levels of intensity as you run, jump, row, and lift your way to results. 


Unleash your inner athlete. Take your workout to the next level with a combination of agility work, conditioning, and plyometric training designed to tax all your energy systems and muscle types. You’ll feel stronger, faster, and gain the heart and body of a champion.


Iron is forged in fire, and the strongest VASA bodies are forged in the Iron class. Maximize your performance through three key types of strength training: hypertrophy, functional strength, and power-endurance to gain the kind of chiseled results you can see and feel.


Climb to the top of your performance game. Achieve maximum results as you power through high-intensity intervals and metabolic resistance training. Push, pull, sweat, and work your way to your absolute peak level of performance.

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