How can I downgrade my Membership?

Are you on a Fitness level membership, but finding you're just not using the awesome added amenities like the pool, sauna and classes? Thinking that one location would suit you better?

The basic membership only allows you to use the cardio and weight equipment for one VASA location. If you are downgrading your membership from Fitness to Basic within the first six months that your account is open, there is also a $25 downgrade fee. 

Why the fee? It acts as the cancellation fee for your Fitness membership. That's why it's only due within the first six months like the cancellation fee in general. 

Still want to downgrade? Please send us an email to with the following information:



-The location you would like your Basic account set up at. 

Note: If the fee is owed it will be charged to the billing on file. 

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