How do I cancel my membership?

You wanna break up? We are sad to see you go!  But if you need to, the process is simple. All you need to do is click on the link below and fill out our quick, online cancellation form.  Unfortunately, memberships can't be canceled in the club, by phone, or by email.  Please remember that your cancellation is subject to any obligations according to your membership agreement.  

Please visit by clicking this link to have your cancellation processed.  Cancellation

Note: You will need your Barcode, (You can find your barcode behind your key tag or tap on the barcode icon which is in the upper right corner on the VASA app), Birthdate and Zip Code to finalize the cancellation. The terms on the membership are 30 days’ notice for cancellation, anything owed up until the date of cancellation and any payments set to draft in the next 30 days are owed per the signed agreement. There is a $25 cancellation fee owed if you are canceling within the first 6 months for Basic and Fitness memberships.  There is a $35 cancellation fee owed if you are canceling your VASA FIT membership within the first 6 months.

If you are having issues processing the cancellation you can email us at or call 801-426-8644 option 3

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