Group Fitness Classes

With more than 150 offered classes, VASA has something for every taste. Just starting your fitness journey or looking for new ways to get fit? We’ve got you covered! Uplift your energy, improve your flexibility, increase your strength, and have some fun!

Please note: You must have a Fitness membership to have access to Group Fitness classes and a STUDIO membership for STUDIO Red. If you are interested in upgrading your membership click here!

Get the most out of your Fitness membership by viewing and scheduling your Group Fitness classes right on the VASA app!
  • You can view class schedule right from the home screen just by clicking view class schedule (this will always bring you to you home club's schedule).
  • Choose the calendar date and all classes for that day will appear below. 
  • You can filter through specific class types by choosing the filter option or choose another location to view and schedule at.
  • You are only required to book for STUDIO classes
  • Click book to schedule your class. 
Canceling is also a breeze, we understand life doesn't always go as planned! If you find yourself unable to make your scheduled class follow these easy steps to cancel in the app. 
  • Go to schedule tab and choose "My Calendar".
  • Choose the correct date on the calendar.
  • Each day will show what you have scheduled for that date.
  • Click the "x"
  • Click delete to confirm.


If you are having issues viewing, scheduling, or canceling classes, reach out to our support team by clicking on the help icon in the right hand corner. 
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