Why is my bill higher then the previous months?



Here are a few reasons why your bill could have increased: 

Rate Guarantee Fee: You don’t want your dues to increase, right? Well we don’t either, pay this fee annually and you are covered! Your dues won’t increase #VAWESOME! $39.99 (Utah Locations signed before 2017) $49.99 (Colorado Locations and Utah Locations signed after 1/1/17) per person billed 60 days after join date and annually thereafter.

Payment Return fee: If we can’t get your monthly payment, you’ll have this $25 extra fee. Great news, you can manage your account at www.gympayment.com and update us any time your information changes. Just pay your dues on time, keep your information current, and you are set!

Cancellation fee: Wanna break up early? Please don’t, but if you need to and it’s before 6 months, a $25 cancellation processing fee will do the trick… that’s for tissues for wiping our tears. It’s not you, it’s us.

If you have any further questions please contact Member Loyalty at support@vasafitness.com.


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