Purchase Fitness Training

We have a few different options for the length of contract and how many sessions you want to use a week. The best way to get pricing would to meet with a coach for a free Fun Invigorating Training Sessions (FIT Session) They can go over your goals and help you figure out the best plan for attaining these goals, and the pricing for your options. You can also purchase Fitness Training right in the VASA APP!

  • Go to my account.
  • Click on plans.
  • Click on purchase PT.
  • Pick from our 4 training packages, all training packages are billed bi-weekly.
  • Click save and continue. 
  • View your purchase amount and click accept personal training terms & application fee.
  • Sign and submit signature. 
  • Click agree and purchase.
  • Your first payment for training will be billed in 7 days.  


Please contact your local gym to setup an appointment for a free FIT Session Click here for a list of all VASA locations. 

Haven’t found what you are looking for, reach out to our support team by clicking on the help icon in the right hand corner. 

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