How to get a barcode

I just signed up online, how do I get a barcode?

You joined up with the VASAFam? Great news! We look forward to meeting you.

As soon as you join online you will receive a confirmation email (sent to the email provided when you signed). Just take this email to our Front Desk staff to verify your account and they will provide you with a barcode number for your account.

Happy gym-ing! 

Want a new barcode?

Life can be rough, especially if you're a keychain. Maybe yours is looking a little beat up, or maybe you've lost it all together.

Don't worry, we can replace it for you at any time! You will need to visit our Front Desk and they will be happy to assist you. There's no charge to get a new barcode. Want to know the best part? You can always upload your barcode to our VASA Fitness app on your phone and then you won't have to carry your barcode with you! 

If you have been issued a new barcode, any barcodes used in the past will no longer be active or associated with your membership.

If you are looking for your club ID please refer back to the welcome email sent to you at sign up if you no longer have that, you can contact our Member Loyalty Team and one of our UPLIFTING representatives can assist you at SUPPORT@VASAFITNESS.COM or call us at 801-426-8644.


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