Guest Privileges


⦁ Pricing: Any Guest Privilege services added is $9.99/ month. 
⦁ Guest Visit Limit: 2 guests per visit with all members actively paying for Guest Privileges. 

POLICY REMINDERS (staying the same):
⦁ Guest must be 18 years or older with a VALID ID
⦁ Sign in at the front desk is required each time guest comes in on the kiosk or with a fitness counselor
⦁ Member must be present while guest is in the facility. If member checks in guests and leaves, guest privileges can be revoked

  • Guests have the use of regular club amenities included on a Fitness level membership. Access does not include KidCare, tanning or massage. You can add this additional service at the gym or by emailing us at SUPPORT@VASAFITNESS.COM
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