KidCare Opening FAQ



When is KidCare opening?
KidCare is opening in a small group of clubs in Utah April 19.

How much does KidCare cost?
We will be charging $3 per child for up to 90 minutes.

Can I pay for KidCare monthly?
We will moving from monthly rates to drop-in pricing for all members. There will no longer be monthly KidCare rates. As of right now, we do not have plans to go back to bundled pricing.

Do kids have to wear masks?
All mini-members over the age of 3 years of age must wear a mask as directed by the Utah State Health Department.

Do KidCare employees wear masks?
Yes, health department guidelines require all VASA employees wear masks through the entirety of their shift.

My club is not on the list of locations opening KidCare. When will KidCare open at my location?
We do not have a timeline for re-opening other KidCare locations, but we will keep members informed as those decisions are made.

My home club does not have KidCare, can I take my kids to a location with KidCare?
Yes, with our Fitness, VASA Fit, and Studio memberships you are welcome to come work out at any VASA location and use the KidCare amenity.

Will there be KidCare capacity limitations?
To ensure the safety of our mini members and VASA team, we will only be allowing 24 mini members per time slot. If demand increases, we will consider adding more VASA team members so that we can accommodate more mini members.

Why are you not accepting kids under 2?
We want to maximize the amount of mini members that are able to come to KidCare and due to limited staffing, we will not be re-opening KidCare for children under the age of two-years-old.

Why did my previously registered kids disappear from the app?
Given the changes to KidCare, it is necessary for a new agreement to be signed before using the KidCare services. To do that, we needed to remove all previously registered kids. Thank you for re-registering your kids and for signing the new agreement.

What are your KidCare hours of operation?
We will temporarily have limited hours of operation: M-S 8am-12pm & M-Th 4pm-8pm.

How do I book a KidCare appointment?
All KidCare appointments are booked in the VASA app! Download here today: VASAFITNESS.COM/MOBILE

How far in advance can I book my appointments?
You may book your KidCare appointments on the VASA app up to 2 weeks in advance.

What is your cancellation policy on KidCare appointments?
If you cancel within less than 4 hours of your scheduled time, or do not show up to your scheduled KidCare appointment, there will be a $3 late cancel/no show fee. This fee will be billed to the card on file. If you cancel more than 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, there will be no fee


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