TEAM Training

Go TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More! Want the best total body workouts ever? Join other motivated peeps and a #VAWESOME Fitness Coach for a high-energy session anytime you want!

TEAM classes are held in our TEAM room and they are for TEAM clients only. We offer a 7 day trial. Please come to class and introduce yourself to the instructor to obtain a trial pass or see the front desk for more information.

You can visit the TEAM Class Schedules here.


Pinnacle Group Training experience is VASA’s Peak Performance class.  In order to achieve maximum results, the class will be coached through high intensity intervals and metabolic resistance training. Members will push, pull, sweat and work to achieve the highest level of performance.



IRON is forged in fire, and the strongest VASA bodies are forged in the Iron class. Maximize your performance through three key types of strength training: hypertrophy, functional strength, and power-endurance to gain the kind of chiseled results you can see and feel.



Drench is a class that promises and delivers the SWEAT! This class focuses on heart rate zones by leveraging the state of the art MyZone monitoring system in order to track individual levels of intensity and ensuring your body is a fat incinerator!! Ride, Jump, Row, and Lift your way to the results you have always wanted!



Inspired by the continual movement of power-flow-yoga, this mind/body TEAM class is designed to improve balance, strength, mobility and flexibility. Using your body weight and TRX bands, you’ll learn how to breathe, move, lift, and feel better – inside and out. And Breathe workouts can be tailored to any fitness level.



Express is our total body strength and conditioning class that accommodates those of you on tight schedule. This class is 30 minutes of fast paced exercises guaranteed to get you results and accommodate your schedules!


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