T.E.A.M. Training

Go T.E.A.M. together everyone achieves more! Want the best total body workouts ever? Join other motivated peeps and a #VAWESOME Fitness Coach for a high-energy session anytime you want!

TEAM classes are held in our TEAM room and they are for TEAM clients only. We offer a 7 day trial. Please come to class and introduce yourself to the instructor to obtain a trial pass or see the front desk for more information.

 Here is a list of the locations that offer TEAM Training and the different class options. You can visit the Class Page to see the posted class times.


  • American Fork
  • Bountiful
  • Clinton
  • Kaysville
  • Layton
  • Murray (Van Winkle)
  • Ogden
  • Orem (800 North)
  • Orem (University)
  • Riverton
  • Sandy
  • Saratoga Springs
  • South Jordan
  • Spanish Fork
  • St. George
  • Taylorsville
  • Tooele
  • West Jordan
  • West Valley
  • West Valley (Centennial)



  • Aurora
  • Centennial (Willow Creek)
  • Colorado Springs 
  • Denver (Jewell & Sheridan)
  • Greeley
  • Littleton
  • Thorton
  • Westminster











  • Wichita, KS
  • Tulas, OK



  • Chandler
  • Phoenix (Thunderbird & 43rd)
  • Phoenix (Thunderbird & 32nd)









The Introductory TEAM Class is a 15 minute orientation to all of the equipment used in each TEAM class. We highly recommend that each new client participate in at least one Introductory class in order to ensure they are ready to go for their TEAM experience. The class will review our MyZone belts, TRX, Power Blocks, Rowers, etc… We look forward to jump-starting your TEAM experience with a fun and welcoming introduction!



This cardio class is going to be so FUN we can hardly stand it. IGNITE is our cardio T.E.A.M. training class that uses state of the art, heart rate monitoring systems, along with all of the other sweet cardio equipment that you have always wondered how to use. Our trainers will be there to show you how it’s done and keep you constantly moving and burning calories. So be ready to SWEAT, bring some water, maybe a friend to lean on after, and join the party! 



TORQ is our circuit T.E.A.M. training class that is going to hurt your muscles head to toe… Are you excited yet?! You should be! It’s going to push your muscle strength, elevate your heart rate, and help you burn those pesky little calories. Don’t worry, we get that sometimes it’s hard to give 100% to your workout, so we will make sure that we have a #VAWESOME trainer there to keep an eye on you so that those squats are low enough and your box jumps are high enough! 



Yoga based T.E.A.M. Classes that are designed to improve your mobility and flexibility. These workouts are tailored to fit every fitness level. Breathe, move, lift, and feel better then ever before! These classes are free with our VASA Training packages. 



Advanced Strength Training class from our VASA Coaches. This class is a 30-minute total body workout that will increase performance, improve health and help you gain RESULTS! 


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